Which Parts Of The Roof Commonly Suffer Damage?

Parts Of The Roof That Damage May Occur

Most homeowners have to deal with roofing problems, at least a few times; these problems vary from small leaks to entire roof failures and require immediate attention and prompt decisions. You do not want an unsafe roof above your head, as it will have a negative impact on the indoor living quality and on the entire structure of the building.

Some parts of a roof are more vulnerable than others and more susceptible to damage.

Roof leaks are mostly caused by cracked flashing (flashings are those weatherproofed pieces of metal installed between roof penetrations and roof coat, or where two roof slopes meet), as well as by broken or missing shingles or tiles, and should be repaired by those experienced in roofing Dallas TX homes.

Gutters represent another vulnerable roof area. They are designed to collect the rain water and evacuate it, through the downspouts, away from the building and its foundation, but they may get clogged with debris, or dislocated by storms and fail to fulfill their purpose.

Roof valleys must also be inspected thoroughly and regularly, as they allow debris built up. During hailstorms, hail tends to accumulate in these roof areas, and then melt slowly into water that may sweep underneath the shingles.

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