How Long Does It Take To Renovate an Apartment Building?

The longer the renovation on your apartment building takes, the lower the return on investment will be on the property. Because of this, property owners want to know how long it takes to renovate an apartment. The general timeframe to remodel a single-bedroom unit will range from two to four months. Of course, the complexity … Continue reading “How Long Does It Take To Renovate an Apartment Building?”

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Apartment Complex?

For real estate investors, property owners, and contractors, the question “how much does it cost to build an apartment complex?” is certainly worth pondering. According to data from the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), rent and occupancy rates have been on an upward trend since 2009. This data supports the notion that apartments and multi-family … Continue reading “How Much Does It Cost to Build an Apartment Complex?”

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The Pandemic’s Effect on the Construction Industry

Several elements drove the cost of construction and building materials much higher during the Covid-19 pandemic. With more people at home, do-it-yourself (DIY) and home-based projects increased, causing a shortage of wood and other construction supplies. When demand for numerous products and materials was increasing rapidly, these material shortages were coupled with a scarcity of … Continue reading “The Pandemic’s Effect on the Construction Industry”

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Problem Areas On A Roof

What Are the Most Common Roof Obstructions?

Roofs are complex building components and each roof type and material has its own weak points – here are the most common roof obstructions: Problems with flat build-up roofs – alligatoring (small cracks on the roof surface caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation that makes the roof look like alligator skin), roof shrinkage (the … Continue reading “What Are the Most Common Roof Obstructions?”

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Build Planning Tips

Tips for Planning a Tenant Build Out

A tenant build-out is the process of transforming a space leased by a commercial tenant in order to meet a tenant’s requirements. The process might involve changing the design or the layout of the offices, of the commercial space or of the restrooms and in most cases, it involves painting work and other types of … Continue reading “Tips for Planning a Tenant Build Out”

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Wind Storm Damage Roof

Roofs That Withstand Texas Weather

Texas is a state that has varied geography, each of its geographic regions having its own, very distinct climate. Texas climate varies from humid in the eastern part of the state to subtropical and arid and what makes the state’s climate even more complex is the high occurrence of tornados and other extreme storms on … Continue reading “Roofs That Withstand Texas Weather”

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Tips for Designing a Productive Office Building

The principle way of increasing the productivity of your teams is by motivating and challenging them, but the work environment is also a factor that can provenly enhance the efficiency and the productivity of work processes. Here are some office building design solutions that can improve team productivity: Ergonomic spaces – creating spaces that are … Continue reading “Tips for Designing a Productive Office Building”

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Signs It Might Be Time For A Tenant Build Out

When someone wants to move their business into a new location, they typically rent the space and renovate it, to fit their business` needs. These improvements are known as “tenant build out”, or “leasehold improvements” and represent an important part of the leasing negotiation between the landlord and tenant. A tenant build out consists in … Continue reading “Signs It Might Be Time For A Tenant Build Out”

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