Popular Roof Colors for Dallas

Earthtone Shingles

The color of the roof affects the overall aspect of a house, there is no question about it. However, it also has a certain influence on the thermal comfort, considering that darker colors absorb the solar heat, while lighter colors are reflective.

The climate in Dallas is temperate, which means that choosing a certain color will only have a small impact on the overall energy-efficiency, therefore we cannot say that one color is more popular than others. People in Dallas typically choose the color for their roofs according to other criteria, such as the color of the facade, the building`s architecture, the windows and doors types and even the neighborhood, and the advice of a local Dallas roofer.

At a chromatic level, between the facade of the house and the roof, there may be a harmonious contrast or, on the contrary, a perfect fit. In the case of classical buildings, neutral tones, non-strident, are preferred for both the exterior walls and the roof. On the other hand, if we were talking about modern homes, they are typically defined by contrasts.

The range of roof colors available on the market is extremely varied and, to make your choice as simple as possible, the manufacturers offer virtual simulation tests, to help you match colors and get the desired effect.


Best Ways To Keep Your Gutter Clean

Spring Cleaning Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are frequently clogged with leaves and other debris, and this situation causes poor rainwater drainage. Water that does not flow properly through the gutter system may infiltrate through the ceiling, generating damage at various levels.

The accumulation of leaves, twigs and dirt in the gutters maintains moisture, which leads to rapid degradation and rust.

What is the solution?

Put your gloves on and solve the problem quickly and easily! Cleaning the gutters and the downspouts is not so complicated and can be done without professional assistance.  However if you have fears of climbing a ladder, contact a Dallas roofing contractor near you to do it.

The first operation consists in cleaning the gutters with a brush, to remove debris, followed by using a garden hose and water to check whether the downspout is clogged or not. If it is, you must not introduce sharp metal objects or force it too hard because its joints tend to break quite easily and a pierced downspout will not accomplish its purpose, not to mention that the holes will actually facilitate clog formation.

In order to attempt to unclog the downspout, put the hose alternatively at the bottom end and at the top of the pipe and use water at high pressure. In most cases, this operation will work and the problem will be solved. However, if the downspout remains clogged, you may need a specialist to disassemble it in order to clean it properly.

However, keep in mind that regular cleaning f the gutters and downspouts using water pressure can prevent more serious blockages and damage.

Benefits To Recycling Shingles

Reuse and Recycle To Reduce Waste

Roof shingles, as well as the other materials that fall in the “construction waste” category, are most often inert and non-degradable, heavy, bulky and represent a burden for landfills.

Recycling and reusing the materials recovered from demolition of old buildings brings many benefits: less waste, less construction costs and reduced use of primary resources (more than 50% of all earth-extracted materials are currently being converted into building materials, including into shingles). Changing the way we think about these materials can create a more sustainable future, and it is a stance Dallas roofing businesses have stood on.

Ignoring shingles and other materials that can be recovered from construction projects is a waste of usable resources. Depending on the material they are made from, recycled shingles can gain many new uses.

Developing g the recycling path for construction and demolition waste is an extremely important environmental issue. The reuse of construction waste not only reduces the space necessary for authorized landfills and allows for the saving of natural resources; from an economic point of view, the use of recycled construction materials instead of natural resources (which reach extremely high costs), becomes an increasingly advantageous solution. Construction and demolition waste management must be carried out safely and recycling must occupy a prime place in the hierarchy of processes, prior to storage in landfills.





How Roof Insulation Can Help Your Home

Roof Insulation In Attic

A house requires serious investments to resist over time and to eliminate as much as possible the occurrence of damages that require repairs. This principle applies from its foundation to its last component: the roof.

The lack of adequate roof insulation generates significant energy waste, and this aspect is reflected in the energy bills. In other words, adding roof insulation is the optimal solution to ensure a good level of thermal comfort in our home, during every season.

According to some studies, even if more and more homeowners decide to add better insulation to their homes, the roof is one of the areas that are often neglected, although the greatest amount of heat is lost through the roof.

A roof that lacks proper insulation loses up to 30% of the heat in the house, so it is quite clear that windows and doors are not the only ones responsible for increased energy costs.  Specialists estimate that the investment in roof insulation will start to pay off in 4-5 years; after this period, you can make a small profit that you can spend for other important things.

In addition to thermal insulation, there are also waterproofing solutions, to prevent water infiltration and keep moisture away.  So with all these reasons, don’t delay in getting your local roofers Dallas TX homeowners trust on their way to your home.