Why Do Roofing Systems Fail? – Things to Avoid to Keep Your Roof for As Long As It Is meant to Be Kept

Keep Your Roof System Intact

Roof systems are strong durable structures, but even so, there are a number of factors that can shorten their lifespan and can cause them to fail prematurely – here are some:

  • Improper design – your roof design must match not only the overall style of your building and of our landscape, but local climate conditions as well. Not all materials and all slope angles work well in any climate, not all roofing materials are suitable for any geographic region and an improper design can cause the roof to fail before time;
  • Poor quality installation – roofing components that are not fixed properly become damaged or even torn off much more easily and they can lead to the complete failure of the roofing system;
  • The lack of regular maintenance and of timely repairs are one of the most important roles of regular roofing maintenance carried out by roofing experts is to detect any roofing issue early, when the problem is still easy to remedy. Without proper care, roofing problems, such as displaced or damaged components, can aggravate quickly and they can cause the entire roof to fail, so regular roof cleaning, inspection and immediate action to remedy the issues that have been detected are essential for avoiding roof failure and for keeping your roof as well as your home safe and solid.

The Best Time To Get Started With Your Roof Repairs

Fall Is The Best Time To Consider Dallas Roof Repair

Repairing a roof may be a complex process, so it is not uncommon for people to ask themselves when they should proceed. This is a legit question, considering that timing is very important in roofing work.

When you schedule roof repairs, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Your own schedule (even if you hire specialists, you probably want to be as present as possible, to make sure that everything goes by the plan)
  • Your budget (regardless the urgency, you cannot start a roofing repair project if you didn`t make the payment arrangements)
  • The season

Typically, there are two busy seasons for roofing contractors like JNT Construction – fall and spring. It is important to schedule inspections and maintenance operations during these seasons, but when it comes to repairs, it is in your best interest to schedule them during a slower season. Services tend to be more expensive during peak seasons and contractors are less available.

Summer is a little less hectic, so it is a good time for roofing repair projects. However, the best season to get started with your roof repairs and save the most money is in the off-season time-frame in the winter. Contractors are hungry for work and you can get the best prices.  There are some limitations (some roofing materials cannot be replaced when the temperature is too low and roofing specialist cannot work during days with heavy winter precipitation), but this season can be also about sunny days and reasonable temperatures, when roofing operations can be performed conveniently.

A Great Article About How We Became JNT Construction

Our “people-first” priority sets us apart from other roofers and contractors. JNT thrives because of the people, aspirations and culture that make us special. Check out this article featured on Construction News.

Jorge and his family for their Dallas Roofing Story Article

DALLAS/FT WORTH – Jorge Abreu moved from Miami to Dallas 11 years ago, but he still enjoys incorporating a bit of his birthplace into his work. Customers who are put on hold when they call him at JNT Construction hear Cuban music rather than elevator tunes. He serves catered Cuban food at the annual holiday party, and cooks similar fare for his employees at an event he calls “Cuban Night.”

“I miss my family there, and I miss the beach, but not the every day living. I definitely like Dallas for that,” he says.
He says Dallas has also been better for his business.
“The economy is great here and also the clients. Everyone is really personable,” Jorge says. “As long as you meet [customers’] expectations, you’ll get referrals, and our business was built on referrals.”
Jorge, who earned an electrical engineering degree but began buying and selling real estate in Miami, moved to Dallas in 2007 to do the same. With the help of then-girlfriend-now-wife Tasha Abreu and childhood friend Eric Bodiwala, his plan was to invest in and remodel properties. However, they soon learned that buying was the easy part.
“We started doing that full time. We had a lot of properties, but were having trouble finding a good contractor that was reliable, so I opened my own contracting company,” Jorge says. “I thought I had enough experience.”
His experience was gleaned from observing his father and uncle, who owned a commercial blind installation company and a general contracting company, respectively. Jorge once worked for his uncle as the CEO’s assistant and absorbed as much information as he could. Even with his industry knowledge, however, Jorge says he still had reservations
“I had a plan, but I wasn’t sure at the time if [the company] would be what it is today,” he admits. “I had to locate a lot of subcontractors to get the work done, and learn how to handle the cash flow and operations. When we started, it was mostly just remodels for investors. Now, we’re actually working off of plans, designing and building.”
In 10 years, CEO Jorge, CFO Tasha and chief sales officer Bodiwala have grown the company to two divisions: Commercial and residential roofing and turnkey general contracting services. The company now employs a team of more than 20, who enjoy working and playing together.
“We always have a quarterly outing,” Jorge says. “We’re actually doing a team building event at Group Dynamics soon, and we’ve done Top Golf and bowling. We also just registered as a kickball team and everybody on the team is going to participate. We try to do different things as a team; it’s a lot of fun.”
Although Jorge hasn’t officially made fun plans to commemorate the company’s 10th anniversary, he does have other plans.
“We have a goal this year to open our first branch office in Colorado and then, as soon as we get that set up, have more follow. We also have Houston and San Antonio on our radar,” he says. “I’d definitely like for the company to expand.”
Subcontractor JNT Construction is located in Dallas. –mjm

This article originally appeared on http://www.constructionnews.net/dallas-fort-worth/industry-news-df/14323-from-miami-to-metroplex.html

Why Pay For Gutters With Leaf Guards

Gutters with leaf guards are a bit more expensive that plain gutters, but the benefits you can enjoy with these protective additions are priceless – here are the most important advantages:

  • Longer life for your gutters – guarded gutters live longer because they are less exposed to corrosives and to debris that can cause physical damage such as punctures or cracks.
  • Easy maintenance – gutters equipped with leaf guards are easier to clean and they allow home owners to prolong the period between two maintenance sessions, so leaf guards will help you save time and energy.
  • Enhanced water protection for walls and siding panels – leaf guards hold up the debris and let only the water enter the gutter pipe, thus making the elimination of the water more efficient. Leaf guards optimize the performance of your gutters, so with properly installed, guarded gutters you can be sure that the walls of your house will stay dry even during the heaviest of rains.
  • You can buy gutters that come out of the factory equipped with leaf guards or you can purchase leaf guards separately for your existing gutters. A skilled Dallas roofer can provide information on rain gutter solutions.
  • You can choose from among many different types of leaf guards (e.g. bottle brush, mesh, nylon, plastic, etc.), so you can select the type that best suits the type of debris that you want to protect your gutters against.

Identifying Good Shingle Manufacturing Companies – A Quick Guide

Good shingle manufacturing companies offer more than products of the highest quality – they also offer services and information to help their customers, so here are a few aspects that you should also consider before choosing one manufacturer over another:

  • Tech support and consultation – roofing shingles are among the cheapest roofing materials, but you need to get the most for your money, so identifying the shingles that work best for you is essential. Good manufacturers offer consultation services and the possibility to contact an expert for advice, so check that aspect before choosing your manufacturer.
  • To be able to turn to customer support is also important – errors happen all the time and you need a supplier that is able to handle them in an efficient and polite manner.
  • Technical specifications – you need detailed technical information to be able to make the best decision and to choose the product that works best for you, so choose a manufacturer that provides detailed technical specifications on their websites or upon request. You can also look to a local Dallas roofing contractor online for roofing material specifications.
  • Warranty – different manufacturers offer different warranty periods on their products. Try to think long-term and choose the supplier that offers the warranty time that suits your plans and your requirements.

How to Find a Good Insurance Company

Finding a good insurance company can be an overwhelming process – there are so many insurers out there and they offer so many different insurance plans that making the best choice is not easy at all.  Most of the experienced roofers Dallas TX offers agree that home insurance is extremely important.  So here are a few tips to help you with the process:

  • Check official ratings – insurance companies undergo regular audits the results of which are made public, so make sure you check these official ratings before making the choice – you can find the evaluations on the internet.
  • Experience – an insurer’s portfolio might include successful and not very successful products as well, so make sure you find out about the success and the popularity of specific type of product that you need.
  • Get professional help – if you think the task of evaluating insurers and policies takes too much of your time, you can turn to a professional insurance broker for help and advice. These financial experts work with multiple insurance providers, so they can tell you about the costs as well as about the pros and cons of each policy and they can help you choose the policy that works for your specific situation on the short term as well as on the long run.


Reasons to Hire Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters are independent professionals that you can hire if your property suffers damage and you need assistance with documenting the damage, compiling and submitting your claim file and during the negotiations between you and your insurer. Working with insurance adjusters has many important benefits – here are some:

  • They will make sure that every detail of the damage, even the smallest crack is properly recorded and included into your claim file, like most roofing contractors JNT Construction in Dallas TX have your back and will work alongside with your insurance adjuster;
  • They will make an accurate and reasonable estimation of the amount of compensation that you can claim from your insurer, thus making the entire claims process more calculable and less of a hassle for you;
  • They are experienced negotiators who know how to handle the counterarguments formulated by the representative of your insurer, so having a versed adjuster by your side in the negotiation phase can maximize the amount you settle for;
  • Insurance adjusters are familiar with the compensation process, so they can make sure all the deadlines, all the requirements related to the form and the content of your claim file will be respected;
  • Most adjusters work on a contingency basis, for fees calculated as a percentage of the compensation you receive and they get paid only if a settlement is reached, so they will represent your best interests during the entire claim process.


Our Goal Is To Be The Best Roofing Company In Dallas

At JNT Construction, we pride ourselves on being the best roofing company in Dallas. We work hard so you will have the best roof, installed by top professionals, at an affordable price all while giving you superior customer service. You don’t have to take our word for it though. You can see what some of our clients are saying about us below!


Houzz Reviews Review by R King Realty: 5 Stars
I have had several properties that I hired JNT Remodelers to REHAB for me! WHAT AN OUTSTANDING JOB! A Great team that has a GREAT system for Construction. They do an outstanding job quickly! They also stand behind their work! Top Notch Team

Google Reviews Aaron Hunsicker
5 Stars
We are extremely happy to have partnered with JNT Developers on all of our commercial projects. They have always met and exceeded our expectations, as well as, our budget and timeline. JNT Developers ensured our projects went smoothly and were always quick to respond to any unexpected challenges. We absolutely love the work they delivered and look forward to working with them on our future projects.
Tara Hunsicker
Owner- Modern LUXE Salon

Yelp Reviews Lindsy H.
Allen, TX
5.0 star rating 10/26/2016
After finding out the roofer we used to replace our roof after recent hail storms may have cut corners, we were in great need of an inspection before closing out our insurance claim.

Rc2 Development, specifically the owner Ronnie, came highly recommended to us by our neighbors who used him to replace their roofs. So we gave them a call. I imagine it’s not typical a roofer receives a call to come inspect the work of a fellow roofer, but Ronnie offered to help. I spoke with Wendy, his office manager, who was extremely kind and understanding. She fit us in two days after my call.

Ronnie arrived on time with a big smile, and willing to help. He climbed our roof and took photos of what he saw. He even offered to navigate our attic, with furnace level heat, to check the work internally. He offered a professional assessment and recommendations AND then refused any payment for his time and expertise.

I wish I could advertise Rc2 all over the place. There is no question in my mind, should we find ourselves in a roof situation every again, Ronnie and the Rc2 Development team will be the first call we make.