How To Hire A Dependable Contractor

A dependable contractor provides different home improvement services, from designing/ building to various repairs. Therefore, if you are looking to update your electric system, redesign your bathroom or change your kitchen cabinets, a dependable contractor has the necessary skills and experience to do what needs to be done, in an efficient way.

The most important task is to choose a reliable contractor – and this can be challenging and time-consuming, but it will make the difference between the success of your home renovating project and a disaster.

People with experience in home renovation may attempt to be their own general contractors, to save money, but homeowners with no experience should definitely hire a specialist for such a complex and time-consuming job.  Especially when it comes to roofing Dallas homes professional contractors should be hired.

Here are tips on how to hire a dependable contractor:

  • Get references from multiple sources and make a list with a few contractors
  • Interview all these contractors and find out anything you need to know about them: credentials, insurance, professional experience in similar projects, talk to previous clients, read online reviews and ask for free estimates etc.
  • Discuss every detail of the contract before signing it and be prepared to negotiate
  • Make sure that the contractor gets the proper permits – otherwise, the local codes will be violated and you will pay the price.

Which Are The Most Durable Roofing Products?

A solid roofing installation certainly requires durable roofing products, says the experienced roofing professionals busy roofing Dallas TX homes. You should expect to pay more for them than for regular products, but remember that paying to have a good roof above your head is an investment in quality and peace of mind for a very long time – even for a lifetime!

Here is a quick look at the most durable roofing materials that currently exist on the market.


The main options are aluminum, steel, zinc, tin and copper. Metal roofs are resilient, waterproof and fireproof, they last for 50-70 years, withstand very bad weather and require very little maintenance. Metal is also a reflective materials, which translates into better energy-efficiency for your home.


Clay is considered the most durable roofing material – it can last for over 100 years, in various weather conditions.  It is a heavy materials thus it has some structural requirements. Clay also comes in different shapes and colors, having a positive aesthetic impact.


Slate roofs are not just naturally beautiful, but also very resistant. In many cases, a slate roof can outlast the buildings it is installed on, at least if it is properly installed and maintained. Slate is also a fireproof and eco-friendly material.

Dallas Construction Trends – From Residential Growth To Improved Infrastructure

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is one of the fastest growing in the US. This growth is mainly due to the increasing number of population and is visible at different levels:

In Dallas-Fort Worth, there are currently about 10% of the new apartment units under construction at the national level. The exceptional roofers Dallas TX companies employ can tell you there is no shortage of work. Suburbia keeps growing and evolving as well, from single-family houses to mixed-use or multi-family, which reflect the current demands. In some areas, there are many projects related to the development of mega-complexes that include their own recreation areas, shopping areas etc. This fresh perspective on suburban opportunities seems to attract many investors, so the suburban future will definitely continue.

The office sector
New construction trends can also be seen in the office sector, where employees seem more and more preoccupied about improving workspaces, redesign them in a way to offer the best condition for improved productivity.

Considering that statistics show that people tend to drive less, the existing parking system may start to represent a suboptimal use of land, in the future. Therefore, there will be changes in this sector too.

Improving infrastructure
Urbanization and population growth come with new challenges related to repairs and maintenance. This requires new and creative solution to improve the existing infrastructure and the transition to green options – which is likely to happen during this second half of our decade.

JNT Construction Summer Exterior Checklist

The heat is on here in Texas, is your home ready?

Summer can be hard on your body…and your home. If you’re wondering what affects the summer heat can have on your roof, keep in mind that the temperature of your roof materials depends on the climate. A roof can become up to 50 degrees warmer than the temperature outside, making for a scolding hot surface. This causes the inside of your home to become even warmer and shingles to deteriorate more quickly than in the cooler seasons.

Maintaining your roof in the hot Texas summer is the key to keeping repair costs down and money in your wallet. So, to avoid any damage and keep your roof in shape this summer, we’ve put together a full proof summer exterior checklist:

Check your gutters: First and foremost, look for clogs. Summers can be hot, but they can also be rainy and windy. Clogged gutters can cause additional leaks and damage. Use a leaf blower or a pressure washer to clear them out. Check to see if they are loose or there are any apparent leaks while cleaning them.

Inspect your skylights: Take a good long look at your skylights and the areas around them. Make sure your seal is tight and weatherproof. If you spot a leak, do not try and repair it yourself as you could cause additional damage by not using the proper materials or sealing areas that are meant to take in air.

Check your shingles: Once you’ve followed proper roof safety measures and you’re in a good position, take a hard look at each and every shingle on your home. You want to look for any curling, discoloration, or deteriorating. Most importantly, make sure there are no visual pieces missing. If you find that your shingles are curling, repair them as soon as possible as curling could cause them to fall off during high winds, leaving gaps in your roof and the potential for leaks.

White Reflects Light: Just as you would wear a white shirt if you were out in the Texas heat to reflect the sun, your roof can too. Invest in cooling your roof to lower rooftop temperatures during a hot sunny day and maintain a cooler environment.

Cool roofs are made simply with a highly solar reflective type of paint, sheet covering, or even reflective tiles or shingles. Ask your JNT representative how to get started.

Call for your JNT inspection and tune up: So by now you’re probably thinking, “how on earth am I going to do all of that?” Well, not to worry, JNT Construction offer a complete roof inspection and tune up options (call for pricing). Simply call us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or visit our website at

Roof Tune Up Includes:

  • A complete inspection of your roof
  • Inspection for issues that could cause water infiltration
  • Minor resealing (if needed) around pipe collars, vents, chimney, and exhaust fans
  • Checking for any loose or missing shingles or nail pops
  • Checking for any interior leaks not detectable from the exterior of your home
  • A complete summary report