Which are the signs that you need a new roof?

A roof protects primarily from weather effects. Depending on the nature of the building and its structure, roofs can provide protection from heat, sun, cold or wind. The characteristics of a roof depend on the intended purpose of the building, but also on the local geography. Roof resistance is important because it is often the least accessible part of a building, in the case of repairs and renovations; at the same time, its destruction may have devastating effects.

Signs indicating the necessity of a roof replacement are:

  • Large roof areas with curled shingles.
  • Poor ventilation in the attic, which may be the cause of damaged sides of the roof and cracking paint on the outside or inside the house.
  • Discoloration and stains in the attic, on the interior ceilings and on the walls. Stains may be caused by water infiltrations and mold formation and may indicate that the waterproofing of the roof tiles is defective or inadequate.
  • Shingles lost their granulation  (the granules can be found in the gutters).
  • Roofing repairs are not efficient anymore, as problems keep occurring, your roof will need the work of a professional Dallas roofing company that is located near you.
  • The age of the roof (the roof is older than it should be).
  • The energy bills (when they go up without increasing comfort, it is wise to consider the reasons – and the reasons can be related to a roof that needs to be changed).

Diy Roof Repair Tips For Your Home: Identifying And Replacing Broken Shingles

Major repair or roof replacements are operations that must be done by a trusting Dallas roofer experienced in roof repair. However, if you are a skilled DIYer, you can handle some simple roofing operations yourself. Identifying and replacing broken shingles is one of them.

Cracked, curled or missing shingles constitute one of the most common roof problems, which happens due to wear and tear, exposure to elements and bad weather conditions. The good news is that reparation is not so complicated, although the method and the tools will depend on the type of

roofing material in use. For example, if you have slate tiles on your roof, you should use a slate ripper to remove broken tiles, instead of a hacksaw blade.  If you must cut a tile or a shingle, use a saw for wooden shingles, utility knife for asphalt shingles, or an angle grinder for concrete and clay.

Some tiles are nailed in place and you will have to remove those nails, in order to be allowed to lift the old tile and position a new one into place. You may have to use a hacksaw to cut through the shingle`s nails, or a pry bar to lever them up and also hiding them back, once you placed the new shingle.

Why using concrete roof tiles instead of other materials?

If you have reached the stage where you have to choose the type of material for your roof, then you already know that you have a variety of available options, from the classic ones to the more exotic and rarely used. In this article, we propose you to consider the choice of concrete tiles and here is why.

Concrete tiles have a few great advantages.

The first advantage is the impermeability. Concrete has a high density that does not allow rainwater to penetrate into the pores of the tiles. Moreover, high density provides resistance to freeze-thaw and, at the same time, it increases the life of the roof.

The next advantage is the homogeneous color of concrete tiles, and the smooth surface that guarantees the uniformity of the roof and the good resistance to wear.

If you choose concrete tiles, you will also gain a better protection against bad weather. In the process of making the concrete tiles, manufacturers add special substances that ensure color uniformity, protection, stability over time, as well as resistance to various weather conditions.  Contractors say roofing homes in Dallas TX is rewarding, depending on the type of roofing products used.

Finally yet importantly, concrete tiles do not break because of snow or ice formation and present high wind resistance.



How Long Should Shake Shingles Last in Texas

Wood shakes are versatile and can be the traditional choice for a modern building. They are typically made from cedar or other wooden essences and offer many advantages:

  • resistance to various climatic conditions
  • protection against moisture – water flows parallel to the shingle
  • flexibility at low temperatures
  • lightweight
  • eco-friendliness
  • safety when it comes to climbing the rooftop

Wood shakes come with warranties of 30-40 years. For a longer lifetime, regular maintenance is required by a Dallas roofing professional, as well as treatments for wood protection and for increasing the resistance to moisture, fire and pests.

Wood shakes are lightweight and durable, with unique aesthetics in the current architectural landscape. Depending on the location of your construction, wood shakes will either fit perfectly or even stand out from all other roofing materials.

Their durability depends on factors like climate, weather exposure and roof inclination. As a rule, the highest the roof inclination, the more it will resist, because the water cannot form small puddles which are a risk of infiltration.

The weather in Texas varies from humid to arid and the state ranks first when it comes to tornado occurrence. The proximity of the Gulf of Mexico also brings closer the danger of tropical cyclones.

The good news is that wood shakes and shingles provide top performance in strong wind conditions.