Tips For Maintaining Your Business’s Flat Roof

Get Expertise On Commercial Roof Maintenance

There are a few maintenance guides that can help you avoid costly repairs to your business flat roof.

Flat roofs have a very low pitch that is typically not detectable by the human eyes. They have many qualities that make them so popular especially as commercial roofs, but having a long lifespan depends on adequate maintenance operations, performed regularly.

Flat roof maintenance by Dallas commercial roofers that are licensed is recommended twice a year , or following severe weather phenomena. In most of the cases, a simple inspection is enough to reveal problems or vulnerabilities that must be addressed quickly.

Compared to pitched roofs, flat roofs are more vulnerable to water ponding, but also to splitting and blistering. Splitting is typically caused by freeze thawing, as well as stress, pressure, or poor installation. Ponding happens when the rain water is not collected and evacuated properly by the drainage system of the roof. This happens due to faulty gutters or damaged roofing membrane that creates concave areas. As for blistering, it is caused by trapped air between the felt, which can lead to puncture.

After identifying one or more of these problems, the damaged areas must be cleaned and fixed professionally.

By checking your flat roof regularly, you can avoid these issues turning into a major problem that will cost a lot in terms of money and even downtime for your business.

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