Tips for Designing a Productive Office Building

Help With Designing Office Building

The principle way of increasing the productivity of your teams is by motivating and challenging them, but the work environment is also a factor that can provenly enhance the efficiency and the productivity of work processes. Here are some office building design solutions that can improve team productivity:

  • Ergonomic spaces – creating spaces that are comfortable to navigate and functional reduces the time wasted on looking for files and it also insures that the health risks related to office work, such as back problems, eye strain and headaches, are minimized. Well-designed shelving systems and filing cabinets, comfortable desk configurations, complete with armrests and footrests, layered light that can illuminate the space without hurting the eyes are all essential;
  • Properly designed HVAC systems – equipping the office building with heating and cooling systems that are able to deliver the right performance and are also maintained regularly is essential for productive office work. An office that is too cold or too hot hinders productivity and poorly maintained HVAC systems spread diseases and cause discomfort.  Pay attention to the outside impression as well, hire a Dallas roofing company to improve the exterior of the building;
  • Using the right colors – energetic colors, such as blue, orange, red, green and purple are known to boost productivity. Using the harsh colors on entire walls, however, can be disturbing and overwhelming, therefore they should be used in moderation, as accents.

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