The Main Advantages of a Commercial Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Advantages

Commercial roof systems made of metal are a good choice. You have probably heard all sorts of opinions about them, but it is good to know for sure which are the pros, to make an informed choice.

Metallic tiles, shingles and sheets are made of different metals, coated with a zinc layer and a colored polymer that typically mimics the well-known appearance of the common tile. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this roof coating is its versatility, which allows it to be installed on almost any roof type and structure. There is also a wide range of accessories to support this adaptability.

Generally, commercial metal roofs are not made of individual tiles or shingles, but of metallic sheets that cover larger roof areas, have fewer joints, thus fewer areas where water can penetrate under the roof.

And there is a number of other benefits that make this material so popular:

  • Longevity – Life expectancy of a metallic roof is up to 50 years, if it is maintained properly
  • Durability – A metallic roof is suitable for any climatic conditions. It resists to temperatures ranging from -50 degrees to +70 degrees, high wind pressure, humid environments and heavy snow. The high resistance to various temperatures makes the installation possible at any time of the year
  • Lightweight fire-resistance an energy-efficiency.

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