Roofs That Withstand Texas Weather

Wind Storm Damage RoofTexas is a state that has varied geography, each of its geographic regions having its own, very distinct climate. Texas climate varies from humid in the eastern part of the state to subtropical and arid and what makes the state’s climate even more complex is the high occurrence of tornados and other extreme storms on the entire territory of the state.

While such extremes can affect any part of local buildings, the building component that needs to be the strongest and most resistant is the roof, the topmost layer of defense on any construction. The work should be done by professionals experienced in roofing Dallas homes and businesses.  The requirement to build roofs that are able to withstand harsh UV radiation, heat, heavy rain, high winds as well as fires has made local builders and building owners turn towards special roofing solutions, such as impact-resistant shingles and special coatings. Impact-resistant shingles have been designed to withstand hail, but they make the best choice for areas affected by other types of extreme weather as well, while the application of coatings on existing roofs is a great way to improve the roof’s resistance to harsh sunshine as well as to the harmful actions of water. Other construction solutions aimed at creating roofs that can withstand Texas weather include reduced slopes – the flatter the roof, the more resistant to the high winds associated with storms.

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