Roofing Materials That Protect Against Storm Damage

Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

Professionals in the roofing industry such as JNT Construction of Dallas select the materials by taking into account the regional climate, because some are designed to be more resistant to certain weather conditions than others.

Storms represent a challenge for any roof, and if they are a common occurrence in your region, you should review the resiliency performance of different roofing options, before installing a new roof above your head.

Among all roofing materials, clay tiles, stone-coated steel and composite roofing provide the best protection against storm damage.

Clay roof tiles

This material is durable, sustainable, provides energy-efficiency and requires low-maintenance. Repairs can be performed with ease. Clay tiles are particularly resistant to fire and hail and some are rated Class 4, which means that they can resist to significant impact.

Stone coated steel roofing panels

This roofing option is well-known for its durability, light weight, resistance to wind, hail, ice-damming and fire, which makes it a great choice for regions where storms occur. It is one of the best materials to withstand hail, being rated Class 4, as well as wind speeds of 120 miles per hour.

Composite roofing

This is a luxury roofing option, created from high-quality resins, with an impeccable aspect and highly resistant to wind uplift, with no water infiltration, and Class 4 impact rating.



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