How To Protect Your Dallas Roof in Summer

Roof Inspection From Storm Damage

The roof must be inspected and maintained regularly, there is no secret about it. However, “regularly” does not mean that you have to climb the roof every day and check its condition; this operation is not necessary every month either, but only about two times a year (usually in spring and autumn), or whenever it is required. In Dallas, summer may bring storms and hurricanes; after such a phenomenon, you are surely concerned whether your roof is still intact, so you should check it, even if the inspection was not planned.

Otherwise, in order to protect your roof in summer, you have to keep it debris-free. Use a brush and remove leaves and dirt from the gutters; wash the shingles using a water pressure hose, especially in the areas where you notice mold formation. Using water on the roof can also help you detect potential leaks.

You also need to pay attention to the birds who like to stick on your roof. Although they are nice, it is not recommended that you allow them to nest there.

One last precaution is to trim the vegetation around the house. Spring and summer make nature grow so much and you should not allow it to reach your facade and roof. Have service experts in roofing Dallas TX homes inspect your roof annually to be safe.  Pay special attention to the tree branches that may go down on your roof; they may be very dangerous during storms.

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