How To Locate Roof Leaks The Right Way

Finding And Fixing A Roof Leak

Finding and fixing a roof leak is not a simple operation, because leaks typically originate far from the area where water is spotted in the house. Water infiltrates along the topside of ceilings until it finds a weak spot to penetrate.  Hiring the help of professional Dallas TX roofers makes the job easier.

There are specific methods to find the location of a roof leak; they are not so complicated but may require the implication of two persons.

  1. From inside the attic. Look for any area where the daylight comes in – it may indicate missing or damaged shingles. The next step is to use a flashlight and look for wetness along the secure framing members or on the insulation, as well as for stains or discoloration that may have been caused by older leaks.
  2. If you cannot find anything unusual, you should consider climbing the roof (or call for specialists, if you do not have the skills, knowledge and necessary safety equipment). Check the fittings and then divide the roof into several areas and flood them, one by one, using a hose. Somebody else should stay in the attic and notice the exact spot where the water appears. You should mark the problematic area, determine the damage and start the necessary repairs immediately.

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