Helpful Tips for Saving Money on Big Ticket Home Repairs

Save Money On Big Ticket Home Repairs

Large, big ticket home repairs and maintenance costs are necessary to keep all areas of your home in good working order. Whether you have trouble with your old utilities, you need new plumbing, or you just bought a house that requires a kitchen makeover, there are lots of possible changes and repairs you might want to consider.


A lot of people claim that it’s enough to set aside $1 per square foot or 1% of your home’s total price per year when it comes to big ticket repairs. However, this “rule of thumb” doesn’t always work, since some years the expenses involved might be much larger than you have estimated.


The best approach is to actually do the math and evaluate which repairs can be postponed and which of them can be replaced with other approaches. For example, instead of getting your old heating system repaired and upgraded, you might find that buying a brand new one is a much better investment in the long run, even if the cost of purchasing it and installing it might be higher for now.  Items like hiring a local Dallas roofing company out to install a new roof, it probably top priority, no pun intended.


The idea is to create a balance between your spending and income in such a way that you can address all your necessary repairs right off the bat, and avoid postponing the others too much. Doing so while making sure you set aside enough money every year is the ideal outcome you can aim for.

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