Things To Consider Before Your Next Tenant Build Out project

Things To Consider

Tenant build out projects refer to leasing a space within a commercial building or even leasing an entire building, through a commercial real estate company.

Most prospective tenants are looking for private offices and rooms for additional technology, so they will need interior finishes to match their needs, as well as their company’s brand.

The project starts with hiring a designer to create a preliminary plan, based on the tenant`s program, as well as on local building standards.

The next step is signing the lease agreement by both parties and then the preliminary plan becomes the basis for the construction drawings. These drawings must include not only the new construction plan, but also a demolition plan, a power plan, a mechanical plan, new casework and windows, as well as schedules and other details about wall sections etc.

The contractor and the real estate company manage the construction costs. The lease agreement must also include specifications about the expenses and items paid by the building owner and those paid by the tenant.

Patterns, colors and manufacturers for interior finish materials are not required to be included in the drawing set, but materials are.

The complete drawing set has to be stamped by a registered architect before being submitted for approval.

Build-outs do not have to be difficult, contact the professionals at

Updated 7/14/2021

Build Planning Tips

Tips for Planning a Tenant Build Out

Build Planning TipsA tenant build-out is the process of transforming a space leased by a commercial tenant in order to meet a tenant’s requirements. The process might involve changing the design or the layout of the offices, of the commercial space or of the restrooms and in most cases, it involves painting work and other types of internal finish work as well as the accommodation of new technology.

Depending on the complexity of the project, tenant build-outs might require building or demolition permits issued by local authorities and the involvement of professional designers and architects in the creation of detailed plans, layout designs and blueprints, followed by the actual work processes carried out by building contractors. Like any building project, a tenant build-out also needs to be meticulously planned and managed – the teams that execute the build-out plans need to be coordinated the same way as in the case of a larger construction process.

Budget planning also needs to be made an integral part of the overall planning – like in the case of any building project, the allocated budget should be at least 15% higher than the total amount calculated for materials, labor fees and documentation costs to allow for easier accommodation of unexpected expenses and situations.

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Commercial Building Upgrades to Tackle In 2019

Commercial Building Upgrades

If you are looking for efficient ways to improve the appearance and the energy-efficiency of the commercial building you manage or own, here are some upgrades for 2019:

  • Roofing improvements – the integrity of your roof is essential for the safety and the energy-efficiency of your building. Whether you have a sloping roof or a flat system, it is a good idea to hire a professional roofer to perform a detailed inspection of your roof and to make recommendations regarding the necessary or optional upgrades. Roof coatings, for example, are easy to apply solutions that can make a huge difference in your energy bills;
  • Solar panels – these great modern solutions will not only help you cut your costs, but will also reduce the carbon footprint of your operations;
  • Fenestration upgrades – replacing your existing windows with modern, energy-efficient solutions is also an investment that soon returns in the form of lower energy bills;
  • Interior improvements – repainting your building interiors to colors that enhance productivity is a great way to create a welcoming and motivating space for your teams, again, it’s good to hire a professional commercial general contractor for best results;
  • Fixture upgrades – new lighting solutions that replace central lights with layered light are also known to be low-cost ways to improve motivation as well as visual appeal inside your building.

Construction Projects That Will Improve Your Business

Improving Your Building For Maximum Efficiency

There are many ways to improve your business – you can step up your marketing efforts, you can renew your inventory or expand the range of the service that you provide, or, if your business is based on a brick-and-mortar retail unit, you can improve its appearance with some remodeling or you can add warehouse space to be able to diversify your product range.

When it comes to business construction, your improvement can be either large or complex, the choice depends entirely on your intentions and on the budget that you can allocate. Small improvements, such as breaking down a few walls to create a larger, more welcoming customer space or an open office that can improve the productivity of your teams are not very expensive, but they make a huge difference. If your space is outdated and requires more substantial reconstruction and you are willing to invest more, you can have your entire building refreshed, with new fixtures, modernized stairs and new furniture. Building a new warehouse or extending your existing warehouse space is also a great idea, especially if you anticipate rapid growth and increased interest towards your products – you can choose to get a steel building and enjoy all the benefits of the advanced building solution, including quick assembly, high durability and affordability. Be sure to hire the contractors that make roofing Dallas TX businesses look easy.