Tenant Build Out

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Dallas Tenant Build-Out

In need of a contractor to remodel your existing space, or to build out an entirely new space?

We specialize in finishing raw, commercial spaces or existing spaces, to tailor to your specific business’s needs.

Whether you’re moving into an existing space or completely starting from scratch, you need a contractor who understands how to achieve your goals. At JNT Construction, we guide you from design to completion, designing and building the perfect dream space for your business.

Our JNT design and installation teams will work closely with all involved parties to ensure that your build-out process will fit the needs of your particular business.

Areas of Expertise

We’ve had plenty of experience tackling commercial projects with tenants such as:

  • Retail
  • Office Spaces
  • Medical
  • Restaurants
  • Mixed-Use Centers

Challenges are met with creativity and flexibility, seeking to save the client money, time and stress.
The end result is a quality project with on-time delivery.

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