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North Texas Commercial Remodeling

Same Company, New Look
Planning a commercial remodeling project or simply building a new, custom building in North Texas?
When it comes to your business and commercial property, your space and building say a lot about who you are.
What does your office space design say about your company? Is your commercial business space being neglected? If so, it might affect your company negatively. If your North Texas commercial property needs remodeling or an entirely new construction project, JNT Construction
has the professional construction experience needed in every phase commercial construction – design, build and remodeling.

Areas of Expertise
JNT Construction has a significantly recognizable portfolio of custom commercial buildings as well as a remarkable list of remodeling projects in areas such as:
• Multi-Family
• Automotive
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Office Space
• Medical
• Restaurants
• Mixed-Use Centers

You’re a professional in what you do, needing to focus on what’s best for your company. As commercial contractor professionals, our focus is doing what we do best – improving commercial properties. In this case, it’s your business property.

Our expert staff will help to establish comfort and satisfaction through any commercial project, letting you get back to taking care of business.

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