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North Texas Commercial Design-Build

From Design to Delivery
At JNT Construction we understand that building your company inside and out is a professional process you take seriously. That is why we offer commercial design-build services, to streamline the project and centralize communication and management.

The design-build method puts everyone involved on the same team, allowing you to take advantage of JNT Constructions’ expertise. With our extensive knowledge of commercial real estate investment, inspection, top-down installation, carpentry, construction and design, we are confident that we are the most able general contractors to handle every aspect of your business construction – from design to delivery.

FIRST STEP: Talking to you about you and your business. By sitting down and talking about you, we can identify your specific needs and what your goals are for your business and office space. This establishes our relationship as we navigate construction and your satisfaction.

SECOND STEP: Focusing on accomplishing your goals and respecting your budget. Because we lead the team of designers, engineers and contractors, we are able to give an accurate estimate and develop a schedule to adhere to. This keeps surprises to a minimum, saving you time and money.

THIRD STEP: The construction can start as soon as the paperwork is signed. Our team of designers, engineers, and contractors will continue communication with you and each other as we build your new business space.

Our dedication to your vision is supplemented by our commitment to quality and efficiency.

By choosing us for both the design and build phases of your business, you know you’re going to be in good hands from start to finish.

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