Storm Damage

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When The Unexpected Happens

Don’t give up hope when disaster strikes. As all things in Texas, our storms are big and can cause devastating damage. Our experience as insurance claims specialists allow us to help you through the unexpected in the most timely way as possible. Whether it is hail, rain or wind, we will get you the roof you need so you can continue on with your business operations or family life.

Be Informed
Types of storm damage:

    • Hail- The severity of hail damage is dependent on the severity of the storm. Because of it’s uncertain nature, assessing and detecting damage can be complex and is sometimes not easily seen. Damage to shingles and other roofing materials can be hard to spot and can then expose the roof to the elements causing further damage. Getting hail damage looked at immediately can prevent further damage from occurring.


    • Rain- Previous damage from storms can create holes and other avenues for water to sneak into your home. Any interior and/or foundational damage caused by leakage can make a relatively simple fix into a big problem.


  • Wind- Though our homes and businesses are usually the best escape from the wind, it can sometimes do the worst damage. Heavy wind contains pressure, which then interacts with structures that are internally pressurized. This internal pressure can increase during windstorms and can become a recipe for disaster. If the wind’s suction increases enough it can cause your roof to breach. The then possible damage inside your home can be overwhelming.

Our knowledgeable team will give you estimates that will provide you with all you need to know about the damage and what to do moving forward. Whether you need repair after a storm or a full replacement, we promise you a hassle-free experience and will work hard for
you so you can be up and running at full speed in no time.

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