Erik Lopez

Erik Lopez serves as an Account Executive at JNT Construction, bringing over a decade of business development experience to the role. His expertise drives strategic growth in Real Estate investments and construction. Known for identifying new business opportunities and building strong partnerships, Erik has played a key role in expanding market presence and increasing revenue streams.

Before his tenure at JNT, Erik helmed his own Real Estate Company, orchestrating successful go-to-market strategies and navigating intricate contracts with clients and investors. His expertise in construction and competitive intelligence has enabled him to stay ahead of industry trends and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Erik is a devoted husband and father of four. His interests span motorcycles, gym workouts, hiking, running, skydiving, and networking. With a background as a retired firefighter, Erik’s passion for aiding others has been a driving force throughout his career. In his current role, he remains dedicated to delivering value, fostering impactful relationships, and steering sustainable growth for JNT Construction.

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