Saving On Your Energy Bill With Insulation

Walls and Roof Insulation

We all know the benefits of proper house insulation: thermal comfort, reducing energy consumption, getting rid of mold and excessive moisture etc. All of these things contribute in the long run to considerable money savings that will pay for the initial investment.

There are different types of insulation that can be added to a residential building and they include:

Walls and roof insulation

These are the most popular types on insulation, considering that the walls and roof are the most exposed to the action of environmental factors. In this case, insulation will bring you savings on your energy bills as well as increased thermal comfort, during summer and winter alike.  The important step is to have a known Dallas roofer install upgraded insulation.

Floor insulation

About 25-30% of the heat can be lost through the floor, when there is no insulation added.

Insulating the foundation

Experts say the foundation is the most neglected element when it comes to insulation, and this can have unpleasant consequences. In most cases, non-insulated foundations result in a phenomenon called “thermal bridge”, which allows heat loss and limits the thermal comfort.

Pipe insulation

Insulation of pipes situated outdoors or in unheated spaces involves a minimum investment, but in return it provides consistent savings in the winter, by reducing thermal loss.


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