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    Aerial view of roofing
    Siding showing heavy storm damage on home
    Aerial view roofing
    Aerial view of expensive residential home
    Aerial view of roof
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    Aerial view of apartment building roofing
    Aerial view of roofing on commercial buildings
    Aerial view of flat roofing
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    Aerial view of roofing
    Close up aerial view of roofing
    Aerial view of commercial roofing
    Front view of gorgeous upscale residential home
    Aerial view of upscale home

Protecting Your Investment

The most important, and most often neglected, part of any structure is the roof. It is the first line of defense for weather, security, and safety. It is the first thing people see when coming to your property and does a great deal to make sure your first impression is the one you want to send.

Different roofing projects come with different industry jargon, and we understand it can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes to understand everything that is being done. One of our core values is to be completely transparent and to keep you confident and knowledgeable throughout our time together. As a client, if you don’t know what’s going on during your project, we are doing something wrong.

We know that undertaking such a costly investment has to be made with the utmost care. Regardless if you need a repair, replacement, or just some help understanding what to expect you can count on JNT Construction to be there every step of the way.


Investing In The Best
If you invest in your roof now you can save time and money later by avoiding the additional costs of damages caused by a faulty roof. You’ll also save time and money by making sure to use insured, certified, and reputable companies to do the work right the first time. Call JNT Construction now for a free inspection with no obligation.

Roofing Replacement Options

Flat Roofing Systems:
Single-Ply Membranes | TPO | PVC | EPDM | Roof Coating | Modified Bitumen | Metal

Sloped Roofing Systems:
Asphalt Shingles | Tile Shingles | Wood Shingles | Slate Shingles | Metal Shingles | Metal Standing Seam

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