Popular Roof Colors for Dallas

Earthtone Shingles

The color of the roof affects the overall aspect of a house, there is no question about it. However, it also has a certain influence on the thermal comfort, considering that darker colors absorb the solar heat, while lighter colors are reflective.

The climate in Dallas is temperate, which means that choosing a certain color will only have a small impact on the overall energy-efficiency, therefore we cannot say that one color is more popular than others. People in Dallas typically choose the color for their roofs according to other criteria, such as the color of the facade, the building`s architecture, the windows and doors types and even the neighborhood, and the advice of a local Dallas roofer.

At a chromatic level, between the facade of the house and the roof, there may be a harmonious contrast or, on the contrary, a perfect fit. In the case of classical buildings, neutral tones, non-strident, are preferred for both the exterior walls and the roof. On the other hand, if we were talking about modern homes, they are typically defined by contrasts.

The range of roof colors available on the market is extremely varied and, to make your choice as simple as possible, the manufacturers offer virtual simulation tests, to help you match colors and get the desired effect.


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