How Long Should Shake Shingles Last in Texas

Wood shakes are versatile and can be the traditional choice for a modern building. They are typically made from cedar or other wooden essences and offer many advantages:

  • resistance to various climatic conditions
  • protection against moisture – water flows parallel to the shingle
  • flexibility at low temperatures
  • lightweight
  • eco-friendliness
  • safety when it comes to climbing the rooftop

Wood shakes come with warranties of 30-40 years. For a longer lifetime, regular maintenance is required by a Dallas roofing professional, as well as treatments for wood protection and for increasing the resistance to moisture, fire and pests.

Wood shakes are lightweight and durable, with unique aesthetics in the current architectural landscape. Depending on the location of your construction, wood shakes will either fit perfectly or even stand out from all other roofing materials.

Their durability depends on factors like climate, weather exposure and roof inclination. As a rule, the highest the roof inclination, the more it will resist, because the water cannot form small puddles which are a risk of infiltration.

The weather in Texas varies from humid to arid and the state ranks first when it comes to tornado occurrence. The proximity of the Gulf of Mexico also brings closer the danger of tropical cyclones.

The good news is that wood shakes and shingles provide top performance in strong wind conditions.



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