Is Roof Restoration, Repair Or Replacement A Better Choice?

Know Your Choices

Each of these options can be better than the others, at the right time.


As long as they can fix the problems, repairs are the most convenient solution. Regular maintenance is critical to detect vulnerabilities and minor problems before they aggravate. Repairs must always be performed very promptly because the more time passes, the greater the damage will become.


Roof restoration consists in a set of operations to make it look brand new and functional again, adding at least another decade to the roof`s lifespan. It is an alternative to roof replacement, being less expensive, more sustainable, providing tax benefits and preventing catastrophic loss. When it comes to repairs, there are only parts of your roof that contractors work on; on the other hand, restoration involves a complete makeover.

However, restoration is effective only if the roof is still structurally sound, otherwise a roof replacement is the only good option.


The replacement of a roof is necessary if the roof is very old and outdated. Old roofs have different problems that may only be fixed partially: most of roofing materials are damaged, there are water leaks, there is no energy efficiency and there may also be structural issues, which are the worst.  An honest Dallas roofing company will give you options when they can, but when the roof is old they will tell you it can’t be repaired, it just needs to be replaced.



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