Flat and Low Sloped Roof

Many modern homes, town homes, and condos are built with flat or low slope roofs. If not properly maintained, these types of roofs can develop costly problems.

A roof that is nearly level or slightly pitched is called a low-slope roof. No roof should be dead level flat; it must have at least a slight slope to drain. Problems inlow-slope roofs are common and more difficult to diagnose than pitched roof problems because the path of water leakage through flat roofs is often quite hard to trace. Look for signs of pond water due to either improper drainage or sagging of the roof deck. Problems can develop over time with these low-slope roofs due to the likelihood that water may sit for extended periods of time. Diagnosing problems with this kind of roof is challenging because finding the leakage is difficult.

Since the problem with your roof is not something that can be postponed, the best solution is to contact JNT Construction to come out and personally inspect your low slope roof and provide you with a reliable solution.


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