Explanation of Roofing Flashing

Flashing is a relatively small component of the roof, but it is just as important as the gutters, the beams and planks that support the roof or the materials used for covering the roof, as any good and qualified Dallas roofing company will tell you. The flashing plays a vital role in the integrity of the roof: it waterproofs the sensitive parts of the roof, such as the areas around the base of the chimney and around skylights, by preventing the accumulation of water in these areas and directing the water away from discontinuities.

Roofing flashing can be a contiguous piece of material or it can be assembled from smaller pieces, the materials most commonly used being metal such as copper or galvanized steel or flexible materials such as rubberized asphalt. Whether you use flashing that is one piece or comes in multiple smaller pieces, the installation technique is very similar: the area where the flashing is to be installed is prepared, then the flashing is fixed into place using adhesive materials or nails. The process might seem fairly simple, that’s why many homeowners choose to install their own flashing, but in fact it does require experience, dexterity and professional knowledge, so the best solution is probably to hire a professional roofer to do this small, inexpensive, but very important job on your roof.

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