Advice On Finding Roofers In Dallas

When it comes to choosing the best Dallas roofing company for your needs, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You want to locate the best service provider that you can so you can be confident in the quality of their work, so follow these easy steps and you will be sure to select the best roofing company.

Be Sure to Work With a Licensed Company

This may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people overlook this point. A roofing company is legally required to obtain the proper licensing documents and this protects you as the consumer. Licensing ensures that the company is up to date on current safety and insurance regulations.

Do the Proper Research

Before you choose a roofing company, you should talk to your neighbors and friends to find out about their experiences. See if you can get a referral to three or four companies and then go online to find out what you can about each one. Some companies may be listed in business directories like, where you can read customer reviews.

Look for a Guarantee

The best roofing companies will always guarantee their work. This shows that they are confident in the quality of their work and want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results. A guarantee gives you peace of mind and is an important element in choosing the right company.


The best service providers will be versatile. This means that they can install multiple types of roofing materials without difficulty. A versatile company will also be able to take care of solar panel installation or other projects. Talk to the companies that you are considering and find out what they are capable of.


Some roofing companies may specialize in a particular type of job. For example, re-roofing or repairing tiles might be a specialization that you need for your project. If this is the case, then you want to choose a company that has plenty of experience in this area.

Ask for a Quote

You should ask for a quote from every service provider that you speak with. The cost of the project is an important aspect that you will want to discuss so you can compare these companies. It’s important to note, however, that price should not be the most important factor when choosing a roofing company. For example, a cheaper quote may sound great, but you want to focus on quality results that you can rely on for years to come. This may not come from the least expensive roofing company.

Time Frame for the Job

You want to choose a company that will complete the job in a timely fashion. Some companies may drag the project out longer than necessary and this can create all kinds of problems. Remember that the inability to stick to deadlines is a sure sign of an unprofessional organization. When you research potential roofing companies, make sure that they can give you references who will attest to their ability to stick to deadlines.

Locating the right roofing company should not be a chore. If you follow the steps outlined above, you should have no problem choosing the right company to meet your needs.  Give us a call, anytime.  We’re low pressure but high quality and have been a favorite roofer in Dallas for years.  Talk to us, or our clients – we love sharing references.



How To Find A Good Dallas Roofing Company

There is no shortage of Dallas roofing companies, it’s one of the largest roofing markets in the country.  We want you to find the best roofer possible so we compiled a list of some helpful advice when shopping around.

You deserve to work with the best roofing company that you can find because, when it comes to your home, you don’t want to make a poor investment. But how do you know the difference between a good roofer and a bad roofer? The following is a list of details to help you identify the right and wrong companies to work with.

1: Communication

Good roofers:

Good roofers will listen to your opinions and ask you questions about your preferences. They will want to know as much as they can about your previous roof and try to help you come up with the right solution for your home. They will respect your opinions and treat you with respect.

Poor roofers:

Bad roofers will be in a hurry and will not pay much attention to your opinions. They will try to sell you on a particular type of roof without listening to what your preferences entail. They will be focused 100% on profit and communication simply will not be as important to them.

2: Quality

Good roofers:

Good roofers will want to provide you with the best quality service that they can. They will recommend quality materials for your new roof that will all have some kind of guarantee.

Poor roofers:

Poor roofers are typically fly-by-night operations without much concern about the quality of their work. They will travel to an area and perform tons of jobs in a short amount of time and then move on into an entirely new location. They don’t care if they do a quality job because they aren’t planning on sticking around very long.

3: Paperwork

Good roofers:

Good roofers will have the proper documentation for their insurance coverage and licenses. They will be forthcoming and able to provide you with as much documentation as necessary to ensure that you are comfortable with doing business with their company.

Poor roofers:

Poor roofers may not even have a license or insurance coverage at all. These may be scammers or people who think they can do a decent job without any training or experience. Either way, they will cost you quite a bit in the long-run. Avoid people or companies that cannot provide you with the proper documents in a timely fashion.

4: Good references

Good roofers:

Good roofers will have plenty of experience with roofing installations. This also means that they will have plenty of references for you to contact. Find out about jobs that they have done that may be similar to your own and contact the homeowners who are involved. Most people are happy to spend a few minutes letting you know about their experience—and it can save you lots of headaches as well!

Poor roofers:

Poor roofers may not have any references at all. They may be newer organizations without much experience or they may simply do a shabby job on most of their contracts so they can’t ask their customers for references. Either way, you should avoid working with a company that cannot or will not provide you with references.

When you are investing in a new roof, you want to make sure that you are working with the best company you possibly can. If you learn the key points that separate the good roofers from the poor roofers, you will be much better prepared to choose the right contractor for your needs.

JNT Construction wants to talk with you.  We consider ourselves the best roofing company in Dallas and have the testimonials and repeat clientele to prove it.  Give us a call for a quick, painless estimate on your roofing repairs today.

Roof Repair Business in Frisco

Architecture in the residential areas as well as the one of commercial buildings in Frisco is quite elegant and impressive.

People care about their properties and when it’s time to fix, remodel or repair, they take immediate action and they get in touch with JNT, to receive a prompt service by roof repair professionals.

Our Company is located in Frisco. Our staff is extremely reliable and by providing our support, we also have in very high consideration the needs of our customers, including the “money factor”, that’s why we are very competitive!

We are very focused on what we do and we do any possible effort to extend the life of your roof by tailoring the right repair of it without doing interventions which are not needed. Our customers know that we never take advantage of their lack of knowledge but on the contrary we are here 24/7 to respond to all their needs. Our experts will visit the customer; will check what type of problem is affecting the stability of the roof and what kind of damage is present and will immediately provide the customer with an estimate.

To make money is a hard task and when it comes to the need of spending it we understand that we have to be very conservative.

Many Companies don’t show the same consideration for their customers and the estimates they do are often very approximate, they quote fast and offer very cheap services, but eventually they don’t properly solve the problem they have been called for, because they do not accomplish the whole process needed to make a successful job.

As your satisfaction is our achievement, we will also contact on behalf of you, your insurance, in order to report the claim and obtain the reimbursement.

We train our staff to highly consider and respect our major source of success, which is our clientele.

Our professional workers know very well how important is to be punctual, precise, fast in order to avoid any complaint from our customers. We recognize the importance of a building for its owner, and we are here to help improving it.

We are thankful to those who give us the opportunity to perform our job and show our skills, which make us stand out of the crowd.