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How Pet-Friendly Is Your Home?

Calling all you animal lovers out there! How pet-friendly is your home? At JNT Construction we have been roofing Dallas homes for a while now and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of your furry friends. We know how much you love your pet. Let’s be honest they’re part of the family.

If you want to give your four-legged friend a cozy home there are a few things you can do to your home that will keep them comfortable and keep your home looking good!

Pet-Friendly House Design – Bob Vila If you’re a pet lover, odds are that you care enough to add the few touches necessary to make your home your pet’s castle as well as yours. In fact, nearly 90% of pet owners say their dogs or cats are members of the family, according to a December 2007 Harris Interactive Poll. And considering that nearly two out of three Americans own a pet, that’s a lot of people willing to share their home with barking dogs and pouncing cats.

Here are some simple ways to move beyond the monogrammed food bowl and create the sleep spots, hangouts, and dining locales in your home that will pamper your four-legged friend and keep him or her safe. See more…




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Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Your home protects you from the elements but you have to protect it a little too. Spring is upon us and it might be time to start thinking about cleaning up the outside of your house. A little maintenance can help keep your home looking great and make it last a long time.

Fortunately, cleaning the outside of your home is easier than you might think. With just a little time and the right tool you can have your home looking ready for company. to Clean Wood Siding – Bob Vila Think your wood siding needs a fresh coat of paint? Maybe. Or it could be that your wood clapboard, lap, or shingle siding simply needs a thorough cleaning.

Homeowners have always prized wood for its unparalleled appearance, but like any siding material, it requires periodic maintenance. With wood in particular, the challenge is to avoid doing more harm than good. For instance, you might be tempted to clean wood siding with a pressure washer, thinking it would make quick work of things. Do so at your own risk. Using such a high-powered tool can actually cause several types of damage, including stripped paint, gouged boards, and loosened caulk. Plus, if the pressure washer manages to send water through the joints and behind the boards, the errant moisture could end up fostering mold growth or triggering wood rot. In short, unless you’re deeply familiar with the operation of a pressure washer, don’t point one at the most visible part of your home.

Besides, if you really want to give new life to your wood siding, it’s likely that water alone won’t do the trick—you’ll need to scrub too. A full-featured garden hose attachment like the HYDE PivotPro Outdoor Cleaning Wand includes everything you need to achieve a satisfying, beautiful result. Read on to learn how to clean wood siding safely and effectively with a single tool. Read more…

At JNT Construction we know you take pride in your home. That’s why we take pride in being your favorite Dallas roofer. We want to take care of your home as if it were our own. If you need help with anything or have any questions give us a call!


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What to Expect From a Reputable Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial roofing projects present their own special challenges. You have mandatory inspections and regulations to face, a business to run, and customers or tenants to please. On top of that, the Dallas area presents a number of unique hurdles due to its high temperatures and occasional inclement weather. To face these challenges effectively, you need a roofing contractor who you can be sure will get the job done well.

When looking for a commercial roofer to complete your roofing project, you should look at these key characteristics:

Knowledge and Experience: Your contractor can boast the skills needed to provide quality work for your commercial roofing project, but without experience, you have very little guarantee. There are simply some things that cannot be anticipated in training, such as certain construction complexities and weathering. A contractor who has been around a while is far more likely to have the experience needed to skillfully handle your project.
Quality: Your contractor must not only be committed to delivering quality work, but have the skills and methods necessary to produce it. Quality comes from training, experience, and the use of good materials throughout every stage of your project.
Professionalism: You need someone who will give your project the time and energy it needs. In other words, you need a contractor with a healthy focus on professionalism. This means your satisfaction is their top priority, regardless of the size of your project.
Timeliness: Your time is valuable, so you can’t afford delays. Work must be completed quickly. Otherwise, it creates a disruption in your ability to carry out vital duties, and it can even lead to further damage to your property. A professional roofing contractor will execute plans promptly in order to create as little disruption in your workplace as possible.
Each of these qualities tie in together: professionalism ensures timeliness, and both of those help ensure quality. Experience helps to flesh out your contractor’s ability, allowing them to deliver higher quality work within a shorter period of time.

JNT Exceeds Expectations

When you need a reputable commercial roofing contractor in the Dallas area, JNT goes above and beyond. Our commercial division has handled a wide variety of build-out types that include everything from urgent care facilities to yoga studios. Whether you need roofing construction services or simple repair, JNT provides the experience necessary to complete your project in a timely manner.