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Meet the Professionals in North Texas Roofing and General Contracting

JNT Construction was established in 2008 with an intense passion and desire to provide honesty and professionalism for Dallas-Fort Worth. By focusing on quality, efficiency, and reliability, we’ve built a healthy reputation for producing unmatched workmanship with a hassle-free experience.

    • STARTED FROM NECESSITY. We started our company because of our inability to find contractors in the DFW area to give us the level of service we felt we deserved, for a price we felt was reasonable. After searching and failing we decided to use our experience, love for construction, and desire to create a new kind of construction experience.


    • SERVICE: PROVIDING SERVICE BEYOND EXPECTATIONS: Our goal is to set expectations then exceed them. We can only do that if we strive to constantly strive to raise the bar.


    • SATISFACTION: TAKING THE LONG TERM VIEW. When it comes to our clients we take the long view and never sacrifice our integrity for short term payoff. We understand that our company was built on making sure all of our clients turn to JNT to for all of their construction needs.


  • STRATEGY: PLAN THE WORK, WORK THE PLAN. Before we begin any project we sit down to ensure we are taking the best approach to the project. If we take a strategic approach in order to overcome any issues or objections, we can maximize or ability to provide industry leading Service and Satisfaction.

When you choose JNT Construction, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive the absolute best service from everyone involved with your construction project. Now, Meet Our Team

Company Bios

Jorge Abreu Photo

Jorge Abreu – Chief Executive Officer

Jorge is the Founder and CEO of JNT Construction and Co-Founder and CEO of Elevate Commercial Investments Group. Jorge was born and raised in Miami, Florida from Cuban descendants and moved to Dallas in 2008. He comes from a family of experienced construction business owners and has been involved in Real Estate Investing & Construction in single family, commercial and multifamily for over 15 years. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Florida International University. Jorge is second to none when it comes to evaluating & renovating properties and has managed to build an excellent team throughout the years. JNT Construction gave Jorge the chance to return to his passion for transforming properties and he is constantly seeking ways to improve the industry. He is a Member of Forbes Real Estate Council and actively engaged in delivering free valuable content th
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Saul Maldonado – Project Manager

With a strong portfolio of over 200 different size managed projects, Saul Maldonado is well known for his role of a dedicated project manager to different customers. He got his start in project management with a local company in North Houston, and soon found out he had a knack for setting and completing deadlines and objectives to obtain larger goals. Saul graduated from University of Houston with a Bachelors in Sales and Marketing, with a minor in business management. Saul launched his long-term tenure in 2014 after a small successful term of importing construction goods, he was promoted to project manager for custom home builder and commercial renovation company. During the next 4 years Saul was credited with some of the company’s most successful completion of projects launching different customer relationships and campaigns. Saul brings his detailed oriented project management skills, goal driven attitude, and strong customer service ethics.

Gianna Sena – Office Administrator | Social Media Specialist | Assistant to CEO

Gianna is the Office Administrator and Social Media Specialist for JNT Construction. She has an Associate Degree in Tourism from the Catholic University of Pernambuco. Gianna was born and raised in Recife, Brazil and moved to the United States in 1992. She has worked for Engineering Offices throughout the DFW as well as for some Municipalities. She joined the JNT Team in 2020 and handles all aspects of the JNT office and Social Media Marketing. Gianna speaks, English, Portuguese and Spanish and brings more than 20 years of office and administrative experience to her role at JNT Construction. Her vast experience and skills have made her a valuable asset at JNT.